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250 Attendees 50 Top Influencers 12 Sessions 8 World-class Speakers


What is the WISE Entrepreneur’s Convention?


This is a three-day conference that brings together WISE members and entrepreneurs from around the globe to learn proven strategies from world-class international speakers—the top WISE consultants and business trainers on the planet. They will share their successful applications of the Admin Tech—and show you exactly what they do to boom enterprises all over the world.

We also have sessions with seasoned award-winning WISE entrepreneurs who are coming to give their stories—and share with you how they do it.

This is not 10% or 25% growth—we’re talking 4X, 5X and 40X expansion that happened—all through the simple elements that drive business growth exponentially—when you do it right.

You rarely—if ever—get a chance to take advantage of this much talent and experience in one place—at one time.

Our agenda is packed with nine practical, hands-on seminars, workshops and break-out sessions where you will learn—and get drilled on —what it takes to achieve real success with the Hubbard Administrative Technology.

We also have a very special open evening panel discussion where you can ask questions—and get answers—from some of our leading international players attending the “Top 50 Influencer’s Summit”—happening concurrently to the main convention on the Hubbard College campus.

This is an absolutely unprecedented opportunity to get direct access with some of the most effective business consultants, trainers and coaches on the planet.

You also get plenty of time during the break-out sessions and meal times to meet with some of the top entrepreneurs on the planet using the Hubbard Admin Tech – who are booming as a result. Every one of them are happy to give you their insight and share their success of how they did it.

We’ve had members tell us that this alone was worth the price of admission.


Here’s an example: If you’ve had some exposure to the Admin Tech then you probably know about sub-product checklists.

Perhaps you’ve used them. Most use them on paper.

Come to this Entrepreneur’s Convention and find out exactly how one entrepreneur implemented checklists digitally using the latest applications—in five of his companies with over 500 employees—and now runs all five of those companies remotely. And enjoys the kind of success—and freedom—rarely achieved in the business world.

And that’s just one piece of Admin Tech.

There’s much, much more.

We’ve even got a special excursion planned for Saturday—to give you an exclusive insider’s access to the ultimate Model of Admin Know-How of all time in action—a production plant that will blow your mind.

This is the Admin Tech in full blown live application and will expand your concept of BIG THINK by many orders of magnitude—and bring instant visual application to everything you’ve learned at this convention.

To wrap it up on Saturday evening we’ve got the gala International Awards Ceremony and Banquet dinner—to celebrate the accomplishments of our top WISE members from around the world.
There’s plenty of time for networking—and meeting and creating new friends from around the world.

Arrive early and we’ve even got a bonus session scheduled for
7:30pm on Wednesday night—designed to set the stage for your Best Year Ever.

All meals for all three days are included as well as the banquet dinner.

Book now and take advantage of the Early Registration Special

The Hubbard College of Administration

is located on College Row
in Los Angeles, California and is
hosting the annual
WISE International Entrepreneurs Convention.

Hubbard College of Administration International
320 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Seating is limited and this event will sell out fast.


convention Speakers


CEO and Chairman of the Board of Sterling Management

Kevin is the CEO of Sterling Management. He is widely recognized as one of the most influential people in the field of practice management in the United States. Sterling has trained more professionals on the Hubbard Management System than any other firm on the planet. Kevin and his award-winning team have successfully helped over 180,000 professionals improve conditions in their lives and businesses. He authored “Personnel: Your Most Valuable Resource or Greatest Burden” and has delivered thousands of seminars and workshops across the nation for the past 30 years, with client success stories from across all 50 of the United States. Kevin is a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and was awarded the 2014 WISE Member of the Year award.

On Wednesday 28 February at 7:30pm, Kevin will deliver the opening bonus session for the conference entitled: 

Launching Your Best Year Ever: Goals, Games and Winning in the Game of Life

This opening session sets the stage for the entire conference, and directly addresses you as the creator, innovator and leader of your enterprise. Arrive early to the main conference and at this bonus workshop you’ll learn two of the most powerful executive tools in existence – and how you use them to inspire your team to treat the “daily battle” as a game instead of a chore. You will come away with invaluable practical wisdom from the Hubbard Administrative Technology on why corporate cultures go bad – and how you create one that moves your purposes for your enterprise into a reality – and create a business that lasts.

Nick terrenzi

Hubbard College of Administration International Executive Director

Nick is the Executive Director of the Hubbard College of Administration International and as a twenty-five-year veteran of the College, has successfully trained tens of thousands of professionals with LRH Admin Tech – in literally ever corner of the globe. He is a world-renowned speaker, routinely in demand to speak for some of the largest corporations in the world including many Fortune 500 companies. He is a WISE Leadership Award winner, and also the youngest-ever recipient of the WISE Lifetime Achievement Award for presiding over the greatest expansion period in the history of the Hubbard College network – having opened up colleges on every continent of Earth.

Nick is delivering three presentations at this convention. In his first on Thursday morning to launch the day, Nick will present:

The Magic of Thinking Big: How to Create an Abundance in Business and in Life

In this powerful opener, whether you’re a business owner, executive, manager or marketing or sales professional, you’ll participate in a very hands-on application that puts an entirely new tool in your hands that few believe is the secret to success – the Magic of Thinking Big. Until you learn it, and practice it, you won’t believe it.

In his second presentation, on Saturday afternoon, Nick will present:

Financial Management: The Simplicity of Creating Real Prosperity

This is a groundbreaking new presentation on a subject strewn with false data, fixed ideas – and misunderstoods. Here you will see, learn and thoroughly drill the founding principles and true data on finance – and master the formula for simplifying your bright ideas – to build others’ trust and confidence in you. You’ll discover often overlooked factors that stop communication – and the effect that has on your flows – and then how to turn it right back around again to master the principles that increase your prosperity every time. You’ll get the exact references on viability and even drill the 19 stable data you must know cold – to master this subject.

Integrity Selling: The Art of Creating Evangelists for Your Product

There is an art to creating real passion for your product. It starts inside – with the perfect alignment of purpose and drive – and then launches with creating a culture where not only your sales force, not only your team – but your entire client base are evangelists for your product.


Author, International Speaker, Executive Coach & CEO of U-Man Belgium

Patrick is an internationally renowned and sought-after speaker in more than thirty-five countries around the world. He is an accomplished entrepreneur and author with nearly three decades as a successful coach, consultant, sales and leadership trainer – having now helped over 120,000 business owners, executives and sales professionals in the areas of sales, marketing, recruitment, corporate organization and leadership. In addition to being the CEO of the largest WISE-licensed consulting and training group in Europe, Patrick is a founding member of the Hubbard College of Administration International Advisory Board. He is a Selected Speaker with VISTAGE. He is a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award winner. He also happens to be the former European Champion of Taekwondo and Free Style Karate.

In the launch session on opening day, Thursday 1 March, Patrick will deliver:

Power Lead Generation: How to Drive in More Business than Anyone Can Waste

Many small businesses constantly suffer from a lack of lead generation; often it’s the one area that continually pulls down the top executive, and is the organizational “valve” that opens up – or shuts off – the flow of product and money through the company. At this seminar you will learn not just the basics of opening up that flow – but the technology of marketing strategy. This is where you get hands-on application and see real-life examples of what works, what doesn’t, and why. Most entrepreneurs don’t have the time – or knowledge – to move this area of their business. Patrick boils it down to simplicities and you’ll get an executive’s summary of what to look for, what to demand – and how to know if your marketing is on track or not. And how to fix it if it isn’t.


CEO of JoTo PR Disruptors TM

Karla Jo is a PR veteran and the innovator behind the international public-relations agency known as JoTo PR Disruptors. Since its launch in 2009, Karla Jo’s team of PR and marketing professionals have helped entrepreneurs grow their companies and promote their brands by getting their messages onto the right media channels. JoTo PR’s tried-and-tested application of PR technology enables organizations to better disseminate their solutions, services, and products by creating increased trust and credibility within their target markets. As a veteran in crisis management, Karla Jo has worked with litigation attorneys, private investigators and the media to help restore companies of goodwill back into the good graces of public opinion.
As Chief Evangelist and PR Strategist for JoTo PR, Karla Jo brings her insight and creativeness to a rarely understood subject that is an absolutely integral part of any growth strategy. As Karla-Jo says, “If you don’t utilize persuasive third-party credibility channels (getting OTHERS to endorse you), your target audiences won’t know who you are, won’t trust you…and frankly won’t feel comfortable doing business with you.” Established and expanded through the implementation of Hubbard Administrative Technology, and now an industry leader, JoTo PR is also a multiple-year recipient of the prestigious Model of Admin Know-How Award.

Karla Jo will deliver a very tactical session entitled:

Genius Public Relations: How to Light a Flame Under Your Marketing

Because digital media is so new, many businesses and PR people alike are not aware that there is a lot of planning and strategizing that goes into a successful digital media PR campaign. PR people who deem themselves ‘experts in digital media’ simply follow the buzz that implies you can just post messages on Twitter and Facebook to a group of followers and friends and your business magically improves. The missing piece to the puzzle is the application of Public Relations technology. A recent study uncovered that many businesses felt that they could not get a return on any investment in PR. Karla Jo is here to tell you that it can be done – to a massive return – if you understand how the time-honored rules of PR apply to the digital world. Anyone can create a lot of “noise” – and get no results. Creating an effective PR strategy means you had better know the do’s and don’ts: if you do it wrong, you can destroy your company’s reputation within minutes in today’s communication environment. In a presentation designed for entrepreneurs, Karla Jo will give you the fundamentals – with tactical examples – to create a successful PR campaign. This is the foundation to lighting a fire under your marketing – and getting results that most consider are reserved only for the multi-nationals.

Mårten Runow

CEO of Performia International

Mårten is the Founder and CEO of Performia International, the top Human Resources company on the planet with more than 40 offices operating internationally in 27 countries. He has been a driving force for disseminating the Hubbard Administrative Technology internationally for over 30 years. Mårten and his team have forged the way to get LRH tech into many pioneer lands, being a leading force in getting it implemented throughout Russia and introducing tens of thousands of professionals to L. Ron Hubbard. Mårten is also a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

In one of the most animated sessions you’ll ever see, Mårten will share his expertise with:

Power Personnel: How to Select – and Keep – Your Power Team

Mårten has mastered the challenging tides of human resources for over thirty years, and in this over-the-top presentation you will learn how the most crucial component to running and expanding your team is also the secret behind overcoming any barrier between you and your business success.


CEO and Founder of Studio98

Rafferty is the 31-year-old CEO and Founder of the international marketing agency called Studio98 – an industry leader that masters the art of power networking and creating strategic alliances. Their world-class client list now includes Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable and NASA.

In this step by step seminar, Rafferty will deliver:

The Correct Sequence of Expansion: What 95% of all Businesses Do Not Know

In this very practical presentation, Rafferty will share his hard-won insights from building and rapidly expanding his own enterprise. He will give you the blueprint for how he did it including how to market your way to the top – and a proven road map to navigate the pitfalls of rapid expansion.


CEO of Point Summit

Benjamin is the 31-year-old creative genius and CEO of Point Summit – a management company operating five adventure parks between Indiana and Florida. Starting in 1999 at the age of thirteen, Benjamin turned his hobby and love of games into his first business – a sole proprietorship in Anderson, Indiana which he named the White River Paintball park.
Upon finishing high school at eighteen, his life was at a crossroads – to become a lawyer or doctor like many of his friends, or take something he was passionate about – having fun – and turn it into something he could inspire others to do what they love doing, and become successful. He decided to go the entrepreneur route, against all odds. Using the Hubbard Administrative Technology – and the principles of exchange and service – Benjamin created an enterprise aiming at Exchange Condition Four – and delivered. Using the org board, stat management, an electronic Organization Information Center, Admin Scales for every business, and all-digital on-line checklists and hats, he’s integrated the Admin Tech into every corner of all five businesses. Rigorously training his staff to become the best performers and employees – and provide top notch entertainment to his customers – he created, planned and built five adventure parks from the ground up. With a team that now numbers in the hundreds, and media recognitions from Forbes, Buzz Feed, IndyStar, Fox TV and Tampa Bay Times, Benjamin built an expanding empire year after year that now draws in over tens of thousands of customers per year. Featured in the recent 2018 New Year’s event presentation, his audacious plans now include competing with some of the biggest parks in Florida. Benjamin has only barely begun.

Benjamin’s inspiring presentation is entitled:

From a Pumpkin Patch at 10 Years old – to Running Five Businesses and the Fastest-Growing Adventure Park in America: How I Did It

Benjamin is coming to give you his story – centered around Big Think and implementing the Admin Tech – by leveraging the latest cutting-edge platforms. Your take-away from this presentation: discover the strategies and processes that will allow you to grow your company faster – and play the biggest game you can play.


CEO of Matterhorn Business Development

Greg is an internationally recognized lecturer, sales-trainer and management consultant and has spent the last 25 years specializing in working with small business owners across the US and Canada. Greg was first introduced to the Hubbard Administrative Technology in 1992 and transformed his struggling dental practice into a production powerhouse in less than a year. By mid-1993, Greg’s practice more than doubled and ranked in the top 4% of practices nationally, all while Greg was able to reduce his working hours from 40 plus, to less than 22 per week – allowing him to transition from being a client to a partner at MGE: Management Experts and has been a key player in its meteoric expansion. Working with his partner, Luis Colon and a dedicated team of staff and executives, MGE grew from a staff of 6 or 7 in a couple thousand square feet, to over 70 employees in a 55,000-square foot training facility. Revenues and production increased by more than 18 times and now serves clients in 48 of the 50 US states and most of Canada. Greg has presented over 2,000 lectures to tens of thousands of professionals and business owners – and has a unique ability to teach management, leadership and sales in a way that produces real results in the real world. By 2016, through diligent application of LRH Administrative Technology, MGE had grown organizationally to the point where Greg was able to turn over his day-to-day sales functions, while maintaining his MGE lecture schedule and other responsibilities. Never one to slow down, Greg placed his focus on expansion. Specifically, on projects that would make it possible to bring the Hubbard Management System to the masses. To that end, Matterhorn Business Development was born!

Greg is a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Executive Success: The Only Two Measures of Brilliance in an Executive

In this engaging session you’ll learn the two precise elements that are the essence of executive success – and how to leverage them to focus and inspire your team. You’ll also learn – in a single sentence – the bare-bones practical formula that precisely determines your volume of income. Whether you are the owner, an executive or a junior manager – this is highly usable data that you can use every day to crank up your team’s production – and achieve your big-think goals.

convention Highlights

The Top Five Reasons to Attend The 2018 WISE Entrepreneur’s

How often do you take the time as the creator of your business to step back from the day-to-day, examine your goals and purposes, evaluate if you’re achieving them or not, and ultimately answer the questions:

  • “What am I trying to get done?”
  • “Where am I going?”
  • “Am I making a difference in this world?”

Come to this convention and get the answers to those questions – and more.
Here are the top five reasons why the 2018 WISE Entrepreneur’s Convention in Los Angeles is your “must-see” conference of the year—to launch you into Power!

1. Get the
know-how & resources you need to expand your enterprise—and move up to Power.

With 9 educational sessions across 3 ½ days, including over 20 hours of live instruction from mega-successful speakers from across the WISE sector, you’ll get the technology as well as real-world practical experience from those who have learned it, lived it, done it—and have the success to show for it.

2. Get valuable insights and learn real-world strategies to expand in any economy.

You’ll see bold ideas, real-world application and proven strategies that are virtually unknown in the business world. Nowhere else will you find this caliber of technical application and influence—across entire industries and geographic borders.

3. Meet other successful entrepreneurs.

You’ll have the chance for a lot of face time and countless opportunities to meet, network and get an understanding of what works and what wins, plus develop a clear vision and plan for how to mastermind—and implement—YOUR Power program.

4. Tap into decades of experience and find out how they made it to the top.

This is a rare opportunity. You get to hear from eight of the top speakers from across the WISE sector who have made it to the top—in business and in life—and are still going. These power speakers are award-winning, driven disseminators who are making a difference, every single day.

5. Take the very best opportunity of your career.

You simply won’t find a better event with this kind of horsepower, know-how and hard-won experience—to help you boom your year ahead. On top of it all, our speakers are accessible and available for one-on-one discussions on how to get and use the correct technology for success.

Bonus Reason to Attend

Whether you are a WISE member yet, or not, this is the conference of the year to re-charge your purposes, get hatted, direct your plans —and learn exactly how to make sure 2018 is on track as your best year ever!

convention Agenda



  • All 9 seminars Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • Bonus Workshop on Wednesday evening
  • Open Panel Discussion with Top Disseminators Thursday evening
  • Saturday Excursion included
  • All meals included—all days, PLUS the Saturday night banquet dinner.



Regular WISE Convention Ticket Price:
US $1,200

Early Registration Special:
US $975
If purchased before 22 February

Company Members Special
(20% Discount): US $960

Corporate Members Special
(25% Discount): US $900

Charter Members Special
(30% Discount): US $850

or call (800) 935-9473 (WISE)
Or Call Your Local WISE Office to Book Your Ticket

BOOK NOW—seating is limited and this event will sell out fast.


Wednesday 28 February:

7:30pm – 9:30pm – Opening Session & Bonus Workshop:Launching Your Best Year Ever: Goals, Games and the Magic of Thinking Big

Thursday 1 March:

9:30am – 6:00pm – Day One – Three workshops:

  • Power Lead Generation: How to Drive in More Business than Anyone Can Waste
  • Smart Marketing/Stupid Marketing: The Secret to Marketing that Works
  • Genius Public Relations: How to Light a Flame Under
    Your Marketing

7:30pm – 9:30pm – Evening Open Panel Discussion:

  • With Award-winning WISE members and Top WISE Consultants and Trainers

Friday 2 March:

9:30am – 6:00pm – Day Two – Three workshops:

  • Power Personnel: How to Select—and Keep-Your Power Team
  • What 95% of all Businesses Do Not Know: The CorrectSequence of Expansion
  • Executive Success: The Only Two Measures of Brilliance in a Leader

7:30pm – 9:30pm – Special Presentation:

  • From a Pumpkin Patch at 10 Years old—to running Nine Businesses and the Fastest-Growing Adventure Park in America: How I Did It

Saturday 3 March:

9:30am – 5:30pm – Day Three – Two workshops:

  • Financial Management: The Simplicity of Creating Real Prosperity
  • Integrity Selling: The Art of Creating Evangelists for Your Product

7:30pm – 10:00pm – International Awards Ceremony & Dinner Banquet:

  • Live Entertainment
  • Dinner Banquet
  • Model of Admin Know-How™ Award Presentations & Special Recognition Awards
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