What Others Say

What Attendees Are Saying

There were so many knowledgeable and sharp speakers, each with a piece of the puzzle that can be used to boom business. —JS

It is the best convention I have ever attended. —JV

Worth 10x the fee. Maybe 100x the fee. The tools and battery recharge we got here will create prosperous businesses. —MD

The smartest thing you can do for your business is to attend this convention and reap the benefits in huge volume. —JY

TestimonialThese have been amazing workshops and seminars, full of data and programs that I can apply—no, that I WILL apply. —RVL

I came up with great and workable ideas of how to get successful marketing done and increase the stats and become prosperous. I really feel the data was presented in an extremely usable format. —WP

This convention again salvaged me. In my country I am #1 on what I am doing, so I had no game for the last several years. Now I know how to go international, and not only did I get the tech for this but for the comm lines too! L. Ron Hubbard’s tech will be applied in every business! I will go INTERNATIONAL. I have new plans. —TK


This convention kicks in new levels of magnitude for expansion!  Thanks a thousand to WISE!!! —PV

TestimonialI have learned lots! Both in the strategic and tactical fields. I have learned to apply policies I already knew but had not applied. It is the best convention I attended. And I think the plans for the future to work in alliances are very valuable and very practical, and we have an actual opportunity to really take over with this technology. —JV

This convention was great. This was my first WISE summit and it really opened my eyes and made me think big. I also learned a lot about the WISE network in general. Thank you all to the speakers. I am grateful! —OR

This was a wonderful convention! Well planned, great speakers, important and relevant subjects, lots of purpose, great leadership, smooth, and I know it has helped me and my group to push me faster forward. Thanks!!! Very well done!! —MR

I absolutely LOVED the WISE convention. The data that was given was amazing. I can’t wait to go back and implement! —SV

I get exterior to my business—for the first time in forty years! I am now confident of the future. The speakers were very inspiring and clear. They really worked and were generous with their time and energy. —MM

Wow, what a fantastic event, location, service and convention. A total package—well, well worth my one week here at the Freewinds. Next year I will bring more people with me. —MW

TestimonialI attended a few of the meetings. Everything I heard was immensely valuable and inspiring. I am very happy to see how there are very powerful players among us and creating on this area of LRH tech. —AA

It was the best I have attended. Very inspiring, very on purpose and very practical. —JV

This is incredible, amazing; the conventions are the greatest—they are the best, and our technology is the best! —EC