WISE Convention Top Members


Karla Jo Helms
Karla Jo Helms is the CEO and visionary behind JoTo PR, a national Public Relations agency. Helms is astute in identifying patterns in the industry, codifying and utilizing these patterns to create PR campaigns steeped in proven traditional and cutting-edge media methods resulting in wider spheres of influence and the invaluable commodity of goodwill generated broadly. As a leading PR Strategist in the U.S., Karla Jo oversees both local and national PR campaigns, with outreach through major media channels. Established and expanding through the implementation of Hubbard Administrative Technology, JoTo PR is also a multiple-year recipient of WISE’s prestigious Model of Admin Know-How Award.

Marten Runow
Marten is the Founder and CEO of Performia International, the top Human Resources company on the planet with more than 40 offices operating internationally in 27 countries. He has been a driving force for Hubbard Admin Tech dissemination internationally for 30 years. Marten and his team have forged the way to get LRH tech into many pioneer lands, very much the leading force in getting it implemented throughout Russia and introducing tens of thousands of professionals to LRH. Marten is also a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Patrick Valtin
Patrick is an accomplished entrepreneur and author with nearly three decades as a successful coach, consultant, sales and leadership trainer and as an internationally renowned speaker in more than thirty-five countries, having now helped over one hundred thousand professionals in the areas of recruitment, sales, marketing, organization and leadership. He is also a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Arte Maren
A charismatic consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of The Natural Laws of Management, utilizing L. Ron Hubbard’s Administrative Scale of Importance, Arte Maren is the president of WISE-licensed training and consulting firm Ulan Nutritional Systems. His hundreds of clients include Nestlé, Bank of America and Teledyne. He has appeared on radio and TV, guesting on Larry King, Tom Snyder and Voice of America. His own show, BusinessWise, plays on fifty cable TV stations across the US. Arte is a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.