Freewinds WISE Convention 2015


We created an all-new convention program with six days of presentations from some of the top WISE members and trainers in the world. This is where attendees met with six world-class speakers with one purpose in mind: to give real-world instruction (and real-life examples) of how they put the powerful principles from the Hubbard Administrative Technology into third-dynamic application—and boomed. It’s all geared so that by the time of each day’s session, one can begin crafting their own program—to master prosperity.

Included were daily round table discussions with top WISE members and there was plenty of time between sessions for networking and one-on-one face time with top consultants and like-minded world-class business entrepreneurs who operate at peak performance—all of them willing to share the successes of their application of the Hubbard Admin Tech.



The overall agenda and general convention sessions were as follows:

Thursday 12 February
Arrival, Orientation, Registration & meeting old friends and making new ones.

Friday 13 February
1:30 to 2:00—Opening Session & Introduction
2:00pm to 6:30pm—Afternoon Session:

How to Predict and Fully Control Your Expansion
Speaker: Mr. Patrick Valtin

What are the ultimate indicators of success? What’s your best guarantee of stability? How can you accurately predict your viability and profitability? What are those ‘invisible’ indicators in your enterprise that you can catch before it is too late? What if you knew and could predict the barriers—and accelerators of your growth and expansion?

Mr. Patrick Valtin is an internationally renowned speaker in over 35 countries, having introduced more than 100,000 professionals to LRH admin tech in the areas of recruitment, sales, marketing, human resources and leadership. He will give you the source data—and real practical and immediately applicable principles of expansion from the Hubbard Admin Tech that you’ll put to work before the day is out.

Saturday 14 February
1:30 to 6:30pm – Afternoon Session:

Social Responsibility—How this Affects Your Company
Speaker: Mr. Nick Terrenzi

martenCompanies today are under a microscope. Virtually every aspect of operations is subject to scrutiny by consumers. Why is this a critical element in your ability to operate effectively? How does your social responsibility affect your booms and depressions

Mr. Nick Terrenzi is the Executive Director of the Hubbard College of Administration International and has been an executive of HCA Int for 20 years. He forged their biggest boom in history, expanding the network of colleges to 46 colleges internationally—over 400% growth in 3 years. Nick will help you master social responsibility and open the doors to opportunities to build your company’s reputation—for maximal advantage.

Sunday 15 February
4:00 to 6:30pm—Late Afternoon Session:

The One Factor to Successful Leadership
Speaker: Mr. Craig Jensen

Craig Jensen2Here is a very special opportunity to meet with one of the top WISE members in the sector, with decades of successful application of LRH admin tech in building one what is now one of the most established and oldest software companies on the planet. He’s been asked many times what his secret is. In this presentation, Mr. Craig Jensen will pull out all the stops. He will give you his ‘entrepreneur success hat’, consisting of the key references from the Hubbard Administrative Technology that he has used over the past 34 years to build a global company, help literally millions of people, and most of all, to have a life outside of the company, move rapidly to the top, raise a family and live an aesthetic life. You’ll hear firsthand how he became so successful using those references—along with real-life examples and application to achieve your goals and purposes. He’ll even drill you so you’ve got immediate application.

Monday 16 February
1:30 to 3:45pm – Afternoon Session:

How to Light a Fire Under Your Marketing
Speaker: Ms. Karla Jo Helms

KarlaJo Photo2Why is marketing without effective public relations always flawed? With all of the sophistication in business today, from high-tech CRMs, marketing automation, social media—and a buffet of marketing buzz words, not utilizing effective PR could waste it all.

Karla Jo Helms is the CEO and visionary behind JoTo PR, a national Public Relations agency. In this hands-on workshop you will learn cutting-edge PR techniques based on LRH’s PR references, to increase your return on investment for your marketing dollars; to lower your cost per lead; and to shorten your sales process. And all to the result of making more people more interested and comfortable in doing business with you.


4:00 to 6:30pm – Second afternoon Session:

How to Increase Your Personal Power as an Executive
Speaker: Mr. Kevin Wilson

Mr. Kevin Wilson, CEO of the longest-running LRH Admin Tech consulting firm on the planet, brings his veteran experience in successfully helping over 175,000 professionals improve their lives and enterprises. Here is another very hands-on presentation where you learn the single-most powerful factor to keeping yourself and your third dynamic on track. Kevin will zero in on a common mistake—and misunderstood—where many professionals miss the vital application of a single fundamental—at the core of the management system itself. Get ready for how much power is unleashed when you get this factor completely straightened out and aligned for yourself, and your organization. This is the key to unlock the expansion of your own empire!

Tuesday 17 February

1:30 to 6:30pm—Afternoon Session:

How to Build Confidence in Your Idea
Speaker: Mr. Marten Runow

martin-130x150This is a groundbreaking new presentation on a subject strewn with false data, fixed ideas—and misunderstoods. Here you will see, learn and thoroughly drill the founding principles and true data on finance—and master the formula for simplifying your bright ideas—to build others’ trust and confidence in you. You’ll discover often overlooked factors that stop communication—and the effect that has on your flows—and then how to turn it right back around again to master the principles that increase your prosperity every time. You’ll get the exact references on viability and even drill the 19 stable data you must know cold—to master this subject.

Wednesday 18 February
1:30 to 6:30pm—Afternoon Session:

How to Master the Art of Strategy
Speaker: Mr. Patrick Valtin

patrickIn this closing session you will take what you’ve learned throughout the week, and now learn to master the powerful technology of strategic planning. Mr. Patrick Valtin will walk you through the checklist from LRH on how you create your own strategy. These are the easily-learned principles that enable you to address the real situation, create the purpose that is missing in your planning, and put it all under the strategy that—when done correctly—allows you to then master the tactical execution to get it done. These are the secrets that the top “Masters” of business administration do not know. Now is your time to Master this powerful tool.



For full details and to book your accommodations, contact the WISE office for your area.


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