Every year, WISE members from across the globe are recognized and awarded for completing their Model of Admin Know-How programs (MAKH), for contributing above and beyond to expand the WISE membership, and for bringing stability as leaders in their communities.




1st Year

Nidia Nuñez, of Consultoria Integral EON

Irina Vysotskaya, of Irina N. Vysotskaya Company

Marcela Jara, of Agrocosta

Scott Carrie, of ASC Services

John Deluca, of Solutions Management

Art and Lourdes Montero, of ARC Life, Inc.

Arte Maren, of Ulan Nutritional Systems

Loreins Perez, of HCA Venezuela

Rodolfo Morales and Sara Lopez, of Sari Silver

Ayman Zharkmukhamed, of Business School Esto

2nd Year

Jessica Shani, of Shani Marketing Solutions

Elad Hadar, of Success Consulting

Sergey Shushin, of Rusmedia

Nagima Bekova, of Chemie & Tecnologie

Fabio Signorile, of Arlia & Associates, CPAs

Keith Legg, of Effective Business Solutions

Matt Hines, of the Law Offices of Matt Hines

Kerushan Govender, professional

3rd Year

Mårten Runow, of Performia International

Jim Gill, of Wilkinson Animal Hospital

Jeanette Habina, of Melaleuca

John Nesbit, of Ultimate Flags

Sonia Rocha and Luz Schiaffino, of Tower Dental Arts

Timothy Baxter, of Baxter Research

Rafferty Pendery, of Studio 98

David Tapia, of Allstate Insurance

Karla Jo Helms and Diane Stein, of Joto Extreme PR

4th Year

Julie and Mark Hale, of Wilson Printing

Sean Gallagher, of Gallagher Website Design

Pedro Chacon, of 3P Inversiones

Geilyn Brenes, of Transfesa

5th Year

Alan and Griselda Stein, of Alan C. Stein Dentistry

Benedetto Lombardo, of Industrias Q’Productos

6th Year

Evgeniya Terukova, of Jurvest

Vladislav Musatov, of ATManagement Group

Alexander Visotsky, of Visotsky Consulting

7th Year

Larry Nieman, of Banfield Pet Hospital Norwalk

John Chan, of The Durable Slate Company

Jyrki Ikonen, of Galaxy Marketing Solutions

Vladimir and Ilya Kusakin, of Business Forward

Andrey Kruglov, Moscow Charter Committee

9th Year

Cameron Moorehead and Carmen Rodriguez, of Mainstreet Veterinarians of Stone Mountain

Andrey Kruglov, of Biz Expert

10th Year

Brian and Donna Andrus, of Stonebridge Capital Real Estate

Ed Clark, of Axiom International

12th Year

Julio Jaimes, of J.E. Jaimes Ingenieros S.A.

13th Year

Shaun Kirk and Jeff Lee, of Measurable Solutions

18th Year

Dr. Juan Villarreal, of Harlingen Family Dentistry

20th Year

Patrick Valtin and Roger van Loocke, of U-Man Belgium

22nd Year

Luis Colón, of MGE Management Experts




Atlanta Charter Committee

New York Charter Committee

Judy and John Scheurer, Valentina Obradovic and Hassan Dummar of the San Diego Charter Committee

Andrey Kruglov, Moscow Charter Committee

Larry Nieman, New Haven Charter Committee

Alexandr Bondar, Ukraine Charter Committee

Erik Bayersdorfer

Shauna Austin

Shaun Kirk

Sabri Blumberg

Tim Bowles

Gonzalo Cabrera

Pedro Chacon

Luis Colón and MGE Management Experts

Dennis Dezelic

Joy Gendusa

Kerushan Govender

Enrique Jaimes

Jeff Lee

Devora Lindeman

Mikel Lindsaar

Arte Maren

Salvatore Maria Martini

Jim Mathers

Lorenza Migliorato

Peter Monaghan

Vladislav Musatov, ATManagement Group

John and Rosa Nesbit

Graham Payne

Kim Payne

Liudmila Babina Peacock

Loreins Perez

Modesto Rodriguez

Tom Shuster

Hermann Strijewski

Lisa Terrenzi

Nick Terrenzi

Eugenia Terukova

Patrick Valtin

Alexander Visotsky


Rolf and Manuela Hoer

Pedro Chacon

Alexander Visotsky


Roger van Loocke

Greg Winteregg


(For expanding the Hubbard College of Administration Network to New Areas)

Saila Domani, for HCA Wiesbaden, Germany

Mikhail Subbotin, for HCA Baltic Nations

Nidia Nuñez, for HCA Costa Rica

Frank Chacon and Nelisa Rueda, for HCA Tachira, Venezuela

Mårten Runow, for HCA Sweden