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The Ultimate Prosperity Convention is a six-day retreat for entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to achieve the ultimate in prosperity using the Hubbard Management Technology.
You rarely get a chance to step out of your business and take the time to examine your goals and purposes, evaluate (for real) if you’re achieving them or not, and ultimately answer the questions you probably can’t in the day-to-day race to keep up:
“What am I trying to get done?”
“Where am I going?”
“Am I making a difference in this world?”
Come to this convention and get the answers to those questions—and learn exactly how to make sure your 2017 is on track as your best year ever!
This is not only about business; this means real prosperity across the full spectrum of life: how to conceive of it, how to plan it, how to program it, and how to Get—It—Done.










Karla Jo Helms


The Future of PR & Keeping Up with Tomorrow

CEO of JoTo PR


Karla Jo Helms is the innovator and veteran public-relations expert at the helm of an established international public-relations agency known as JoTo PR. Since its inception in 2009, the JoTo PR team has continued to utilize innovative tools and methods to create PR campaigns that cut to the core of any company’s mission and message. Established and expanded through the implementation of Hubbard Administrative Technology, and now an industry leader, JoTo PR is also a multiple-year recipient of the prestigious WISE Model of Admin Know-How Award.

In her presentation, Karla Jo will share her insight into marketplace media relations and bring you real-world visual examples showing how to harness the trends, not only to generate the company image you want, but to create the return on your marketing investment that you need to forge your way to the top and stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

Luis A. Colón


Powering Up Purpose to Achieve Your Goals

President & CEO of MGE Management


Luis is the CEO of MGE Management Experts—the number one all-time world leader for Hubbard Management Technology training and implementation. Luis heads a team that trains business owners and professionals to boom their companies through the use of the Hubbard Management System. Under his leadership over the past two decades, MGE has maintained straight-up and vertical growth—year after year—making it the largest and most productive organization of its kind on Earth.

In this very special exclusive presentation, you will get the know-how from a master disseminator on enhancing your purpose, boosting your forward thrust and achieving the goals you’ve dreamed of. Luis will give you his lessons learned from decades of work, building the top group on the planet. Drawing on his experience and skills, he will show you how to increase your reach, become proficient in the use of PR and Purpose, and become a master yourself at reaching into the private business sector with the Hubbard Management System. He’ll also share his successful actions in becoming a multi-year international award winner for introducing people to the technology.

Mårten Runow


The Art & Science of Personnel Management

CEO of Performia International


Mårten is the founder and CEO of Performia International, the most productive human resources company on the planet—with more than forty offices operating internationally in twenty-seven countries. He has been a relentless driving force and proponent for the Hubbard Management Tech internationally, winning the top international award for the past twelve years running, having introduced tens of thousands of professionals to the technology. Mårten is also a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Mårten Runow has mastered the challenging tides of human resources for over thirty years, and in this over-the-top presentation he will bring you an unexpected insight into the virtually lost art of public relations. You will learn how the most crucial component to operating and expanding your enterprise is also the secret behind overcoming any barrier between you and your personal and financial success.

Tamas Kasza


Making Effective Salesmanship a Certainty

CEO of Four Seasons Training


Tamas Kasza is the owner and Chief Executive of Four Seasons Training—one of the fastest-growing sales training companies in Europe—delivering to packed audiences of hundreds at a time across Hungary. Now one of Europe’s industry leaders in salesmanship training, his clientele includes top corporations such as Nike, Adidas, Mercedes and Amway. As an author and sales specialist, Tamas has trained tens of thousands of salesmen over the past decade—and has also been an international award winner for the last four consecutive years.

Tamas is presenting this very special sales seminar to give executives and salesmen the tools they need to effectively prospect, enlighten and close the sale—and have fun while doing so.

Patrick Valtin


Restructuring & Reconstructing Your Business Goals

Author, International Speaker, Executive Coach & CEO of U-Man Belgium


Patrick is an internationally renowned speaker in more than thirty-five countries, having now helped over one hundred thousand professionals during the past thirty years in the areas of sales, marketing, recruitment, corporate organization and leadership. He is the CEO of the largest WISE-licensed group in Europe, and is an author with nearly three decades of experience as a successful coach, consultant, and sales and leadership trainer. He is also a WISE Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

In this insightful presentation, Patrick will give you the practical tools and know-how to analyze and isolate the three reasons behind any business decline—and the pitfalls you must avoid to rise up to Power. Find out how to set yourself on the right path to success, knowing you will win from the start.

Rafferty Pendery


Networking: Your Road to Success in the Digital Age

Founder of Studio98


Rafferty is a successful young entrepreneur and CEO—and now an established international speaker—who built his marketing agency from scratch using the Hubbard Management System.
Rafferty is the CEO and founder of Studio98, an industry leader built by mastering the art of power networking and by creating strategic alliances. Their world-class client list now includes Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner Cable and NASA.

In this down-to-earth presentation, Rafferty will share his hard-won business insights and secrets from building and rapidly expanding his enterprise, and he will give you the blueprint for how he did it and how to market your way to the top—along with a proven road map to navigate the highly competitive virtual marketplace.

Nick Terrenzi


Building Blocks for a Powerhouse Team

Hubbard College of Administration International Executive Director


Nick Terrenzi is the Executive Director of the Hubbard College of Administration International and has successfully trained tens of thousands of professionals on the Hubbard Management Technology for over two decades as a senior executive with HCA Int. He is a world-renowned speaker and is a WISE Leadership Award recipient for his work in expanding the Hubbard College network, opening up colleges on every continent of Earth to make top-flight executives—and tomorrow’s leaders.

Nick is presenting a comprehensive workshop covering the secrets of how to create and improve employee skills, streamline efficiency, boost productivity and empower executives to build a team that can stand up to the economic tides of today.






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Top 5 Reasons to Attend

Here are the top 5 reasons why the 2017 Ultimate Prosperity WISE Convention aboard the Freewinds is your “must-see” event—to launch your year into Power!

  1. Get the know-how and resources you need to expand your enterprise—and move up to Power.
    With 12 educational sessions across 6 days, including over 60 hours of live instruction with mega-successful speakers from across the WISE sector, you’ll get the technology as well as real-world practical experience from those who have learned it, lived it, done it—and have the success to show for it.
  2. Get valuable insights and learn real-world strategies to expand in any economy.
    You’ll see bold ideas, real-world application and proven strategies that are virtually unknown in the business world. Nowhere else will you find this caliber of technical application and influence—across entire industries and geographic borders.
  3. Meet other successful entrepreneurs.
    You’ll have the chance for a lot of face time and countless opportunities to meet, network and get an understanding of what works and what wins, plus develop a clear vision and plan for how to mastermind—and implement—YOUR Power program.
  4. Tap into decades of experience and find out how they made it to the top.
    This is a rare opportunity. You get to hear from 8 of the top speakers from across the WISE sector who have made it to the top—in business and in life—and are still going. These power speakers are award-winning, driven disseminators who are making a difference, every single day.
  5. Take the very best opportunity of your career.
    You simply won’t find a better event with this kind of horsepower, know-how and hard-won experience—to help you boom your year ahead. On top of it all, our speakers are accessible and available throughout the week for one-on-one discussions on how to get and use the correct technology for success.




Bonus Reason to Attend:

Get briefed directly from WISE Int executives on what’s coming and the strategy that will bring the Hubbard Management System to the world and give some stable data to those who are swimming in today’s economic chaos.







Take advantage of the special discount for WISE Members:

Regular WISE Convention Price: US$950
Special Discount Price for a limited time: US$550

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